Royal Aircraft Factory BE2d

The Royal Aircraft Factory BE2d was a single-engined tractor two-seat biplane utilised as a “Communications Aircraft” by the Squadron whilst it trained and worked up to operational readiness at St André-aux-Bois Aerodrome (February 1917 to April 1917)

BE2D Profile.jpg

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2d Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft on charge of No. 35 Squadron

Communications Aircraft were utilised to carry messages, equipment and personnel from the various bases to enable service type aircraft to be used for operational, rather than “admin”, use.

The following shows the serial numbers of aircraft that are known to have been on charge of the squadron, along with the period that it was on charge (where known):

Serial No.On ChargeOff Charge

Aircraft Losses and Incidents:

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows:

  • None Recorded