Avro Lincoln B2 Mk.IVA

The Avro Lincoln was a four-engine heavy bomber which was designed (in accordance with Specification B.14/43) to replace the wartime four-engine bombers.

It was used by the squadron for training and operational purposes from August 1949 until February 1950

Lincoln Profile

Avro Lincoln Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft on charge of No. 35 Squadron

The squadron took delivery of its first Avro Lincoln B2 MK.IVA on 12th August 1949 and it continued to utilise this aircraft type for training purposes until February 1950 (when it transferred to RAF Marham to form the nucleus of the Boeing B-29 [Washington] Training Unit)

The following shows the aircraft serials that are known to have been on charge of the squadron, along with the period they were on charge (where known)

Serial NoOn ChargeOff Charge

Aircraft Establishment at the time: 6

It is worth noting that the squadron’s Record Book shows SX937 on charge and records it as the aircraft lost on 29th September 1949. However the Movement Card does not show it on charge of the squadron nor that it was lost on this date.

Furthermore, it is assumed that SX990 (ie the aircraft that was lost on this date) was replaced, so there is one serial number missing from the listing above.

Aircraft Losses and Incidents




Crew / Crew Positions

The Avro Lincoln was typically crewed by a Pilot, a Navigator (Plotter), a Navigator (Radar), a Wireless Operator (Signaller), two Gunners and an Engineer

cockpit update


It was armed with:

  • 2 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns in the nose and the same in the tail turrets

Note: Some versions had a dorsal turret fitted with either twin .50 in machine guns or twin 20 mm Hispano cannon 

It had a maximum bomb load of 14,000 lb (6,400 kg)