The DH9A was a single-engine, two-seater, light bomber which was utilised by the squadron for training and operational purposes from March 1929 to January 1930

DH9A Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Crew / Crew Positions

The DH9A was typically crewed by a pilot and an air gunner


It was armed with two guns:

  • 1 forward firing .303 in (7.7 mm) Vickers machine gun
  • 1 (or 2)  .303 in (7.7 mm) Lewis Gun mounted on a scarff ring for the observer

It could carry up to 740 lb (336 kg) bombs on underwing and fuselage racks

Aircraft on charge of No. 35 Squadron

No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book (ORB) shows that on 9th March 1929 “five DH9A airframes and four Liberty engines were taken over”. It continues “This type of aircraft to be temporary equipment of the squadron pending equipment with Fairey IIIF”.

The record book also shows that by 30th September 1929 the squadron’s three flights (A, B and C) had four DH9A each, bringing its aircraft strength up to twelve (Peacetime Establishment).

The RAF Museum has advised that the movement cards for the DH9A have not survived.

The following shows the serial numbers of aircraft that are known to have been on charge of the squadron (based on information in Air Britain publication “RAF Serials J1-J9999”), along with the period that they were on charge (where known):

Serial No.On ChargeOff Charge

Aircraft losses and incidents

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows:

  • None Recorded