The squadron operated as a light, day bomber squadron throughout 1933

Bircham Newton Airfield Plan (1929)

Stationed at:

  • Bircham Newton (Norfolk)
  • Detached to North Coates Fitties (07/05/1933 to 10/06/1933)
  • Detached to Tangmere (17/07/1933 to 21/07/1933)


  • Light, day bomber squadron for despatch overseas in support of the RAF’s role in maintaining law and order in overseas territories, in times of emergency


  • Wessex Bombing Area, Air Defence of Great Britain (ADGB).
ADGB Structure 1929

In October 1933, the Wessex Bombing Area, Air Defence of Great Britain, was split into Central Area and Western Area and No. 35 Squadron was placed under the command of Central Area, ADGB.

ADGB Structure 1933


  • Commanding Officer:
    • Squadron Leader HMK Brown
    • 08/03/1933: Handed over to Squadron Leader JF Gordon DFC
    • 05/05/1933: Handed over to Squadron Leader V Buxton OBE
  • Strength
    • Pilots (Commissioned), Pilots (Non Commissioned), Officers (HQ), Other Ranks (Air Gunners and Ground Personnel)


  • Continuation Training
  • Operational Training
  • Ongoing Assessments (Air Pilotage, Photography and Signals)
  • Air Tests
  • Operations and Exercises included:
    • Area Exercises (April 1933)
    • Fighter Affiliation Exercise with No. 111 Squadron (June 1933)
    • Fighter Affiliation Exercise with No. 54 Squadron (July 1933)
    • ADGB Exercises [Tangmere] (July 1933)
  • Armament Training (live bombing / firing practice at one of the Armament Training Camps)
    • North Coates Fitties (May and June 1933)
  • Displays (to ensure ongoing public awareness of the need for a highly trained, efficient air force during peacetime)
    • Hull Civic Week Display (October 1933)

Extract from the Flying Log Book of RHM Ross
[Courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]


The squadron was equipped with the following aircraft types (from its own establishment):

Fairey Gordon


Fairey Gordon Profile © Malcolm Barrass

Aircraft serials that are known to have been on charge of the squadron during the year were as follows: K1163, K1762, K1775, K1776, K1777, K1778, K2626, K2627, K2629, K2683, K2684, K2685, K2686, K2687, K2688, K2689, K2690, K2694

More details on the Fairey Gordon can be found on the following page:

Aircraft losses and incidents

Aircraft losses and incidents were as follows: