No. 35 Squadron was stationed at RAF Leeming from 20th November 1940 to 5th December 1940



RAF Leeming was situated 7 miles, south west of Northallerton (Yorkshire).

Construction / Layout

It was constructed during 1938 / 1939 as part of the RAF Expansion Scheme (Scheme L) and opened in June 1940.

It consisted of five “C” Type hangars, a technical site and a domestic site grouped together in the south-east corner of the grass flying area.

The Airmen’s married quarters, No. 1 Hangar and the bomb dump were the first structures to be built, followed by Barrack Blocks A to G, the sergeant’s and officer’s mess and some of the technical buildings. The remaining hangars (No. 2 – 5) were completed in 1939, along with their adjoining structures. With the addition of the Control Tower and the Water Tower in 1940, the station was ready for operational use.

The layout of the airfield when the squadron arrived in 1940 was as follows:

[Source: RAF Leeming Historical Training Facility]

The peritrack, concrete runways and hardstanding were added during 1940 / 1941 and were therefore completed after the squadron had left

Decoy Site

A decoy airfield was constructed at Burneston, which was due south of Leeming (see map)


RAF Leeming Historical Training Facility

RAF Leeming houses the Historic Training Facility – read more