Cottesmore (Post-War)

No. 35 Squadron was stationed at RAF Cottesmore from 2nd November 1964 to 15th January 1969 when it moved to Akrotiri, Cyprus


RAF Cottesmore was situated 5 1/2 miles north, north-east of Oakham in Rutland.

Construction / Layout

It was constructed as part of the RAF Expansion Scheme (Scheme F) during 1937 and 1938. The four “C” Type hangars, along with the technical area and domestic area were grouped together to the south of the grass flying field.

Hardstandings were added during the first few years of the war.

During 1943, the airfield was extended to include:

  • a peritrack
  • three concrete runways (1 x 2000yds, 1 x 1600yds and 1 x 1500yds)
  • additional hardstandings
  • additional accommodation
  • “T2” Type hangar

During 1954 and 1955 the base was upgraded in readiness for use as a “V Bomber” base; the main runway was reconstructed and extended (2000yds to 3000yds) and new taxiways and aircraft dispersal were built. These included Operational Readiness Platforms (ie areas for parking aircraft on quick reaction alert (QRA) to allow immediate access to the runway)

When the squadron arrived in 1964 the layout of the airfield was as follows:


Possible layout in 1964 (further work required)