Bircham Newton

No. 35 Squadron was stationed at Bircham Newton from 1st March 1929 to 23rd September 1935 when it mobilised to the Sudan

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Bircham Newton was situated east of the village of Bircham Newton in Norfolk.

Construction / Layout

It was built in 1918 as a World War One airfield and was retained by the RAF after the war. Expansion work was carried out in 1923 and 1924 with further changes made in 1928.

When the squadron arrived on 1st March 1929 it consisted of a row of aeroplane sheds at the edge of the grass flying field (which had grass take off and landing strips).

The technical, administrative and domestic sites were grouped together (behind the aeroplane sheds) in the south-east corner of the airfield.

Additional domestic sites were constructed to the north of the main cluster of airfield buildings.

1929 Plan (Adapted)
Annotated Aerial 1929 View

Annotated Aerial View (1929)