Squadron Standard

Squadron Standards were introduced in 1943 to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force.

To qualify, a squadron had “to have been of 25 years standing or to have earned the Monarch’s appreciation through exceptionally outstanding operations” (AMO A.866).

The design, which was approved by the King in June 1950, required it:

  • to consist of a rectangular silk flag with the appropriate squadron badge centred on a light blue background
  • to be fringed and tasselled, with scrolls added as necessary, for recording a maximum of eight battle honours”.


1. The roses, thistles, shamrocks and leeks which edge the standard are based on the “Union Wreath” which was traditionally displayed on Army Regimental Colours.

Approval and Presentation of No. 35 Squadron Standard

On 11th October 1955, the Air Ministry announced that the Queen had approved the award of the standard to No. 35 Squadron in recognition of its completion on 1st April 1955, of 25 or more years of existence in the Royal Air Force / Royal Flying Corps.

The standard was presented by HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent at a drumhead service of dedication at RAF Upwood on 16th June 1959.

[Photographs courtesy of Marham Aviation Heritage Centre]

The No. 35 Squadron Standard

The standard shows the squadron badge (with the St. Edward’s Crown), along with the following eight battle honours:

  • Western Front, 1917-18
  • Ypres, 1917
  • Cambrai, 1917
  • Somme, 1918
  • Fortress Europe, 1941-44
  • Ruhr, 1943-45
  • Normandy, 1944
  • France & Germany, 1944-45

Disbandment Parade

On 26th February 1982, the squadron was disbanded and the standard was paraded for the last time at RAF Scampton, before being taken to RAF Cranwell for safe keeping.

Laying Up Ceremony

In 1999, the 35 / 635 Squadron Association (which disbanded in 2003) obtained permission for the standard to be removed from RAF Cranwell so that it could be held “in perpetuity” at All Saints Church, Offord Cluny, Cambridgeshire (close to the squadron’s wartime airfield at RAF Graveley).

A formal laying up ceremony was held on 26th June 1999 and the standard has hung proudly at the church ever since.