Presentation Aircraft (WWII)


Both public and private money was utilised to fund the war effort and appeals for private funding were made in the UK and in the British Commonwealth.

A “price list” for the various aircraft types was drawn up which showed that donations of a particular sum would entitle the donor to have their name inscribed on a randomly selected production aircraft of that type.

During WWII, this concept was taken one step further, with larger gifts resulting in an entire squadron being linked to the relevant donor.

No. 35 Squadron benefited from donations from the Madras Presidency (an administrative subdivision of British India) and was formally named “No. 35 (Madras Presidency) Squadron” on 5th January 1942

It is understood that No. 35 Squadron was presented with at least three Handley Page Halifax by the Madras Presidency and the following markings were shown on the side of these aircraft (serial numbers unknown):

  • Madras Presidency Coimbatore
  • Madras Presidency Kistna
  • Madras Presidency West Godavari

JH Marks with one of the Madras Presidency marked aircraft 1942 [IMW CH6759]

PH Cribb with one of the Madras Presidency marked aircraft [IMW CH6477]

Writing Table Set

A writing table set that had been gifted by the Madras Presidency War Committee was presented to the squadron at a ceremony at RAF Stradishall in March 1948 -read more –


  1. It is understood that the term “Madras Presidency” was formally dropped from the squadron’s title in June 1952.
  2. Madras Presidency included the districts of Coimbatore, West Godavari and Kistna (now Krishna) in the present day states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The latter two districts were named after the rivers that flow through them.