Linton-On-Ouse Memorial Room

The Memorial Room was created to honour all those who served at Linton-on-Ouse and its satellite airfields in peace and war since 1937.


Prompted by an enquiry in September 2020 regarding the status of the Memorial Room at Linton-On-Ouse, I got in touch with a number of my contacts to find out:

(a) whether it was open, now that lock down restrictions had been eased
(b) whether a decision had been made about the future of the collection, bearing in mind the planned closure of the airfield.

My source at Linton advised that the Room was closed and that the exhibits and artefacts were being boxed up in readiness for permanent closure.

My source at Beningbrough Hall (which had a special connection with Linton during WWII), advised that discussions had taken place with the National Trust but no interest had been shown in taking on the collection despite pressure from local history groups. (My feeling is that the National Trust, faced with its current financial situation, would be even less likely to want to take on the collection if it was approached again now)

My source at the Historical Training Facility at Leeming advised that it had not been contacted to see if it would be interested in taking on the collection. However, with the limited space that it had available, it was unlikely that it would have been able to house the collection, although it would have been interested in artefacts etc which had links with both Linton and Leeming.

In November 2020, I was made aware that in the absence of any third parties offering to take on the complete collection, the following action was being taken:

  • Loan Exhibits were being offered back to the original owners
  • 207 Squadron exhibits were being passed to RAF Marham
  • Everything that was small enough to go into a cardboard packing case was being sent to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington, near York.
  • Larger items were being sent to Eden Camp Museum, near Pickering, Yorkshire.
  • Some items, for which provenance couldn’t be established, were remaining with the RAF, and contact was being made with other on-station museums to see if they could house them, with the Memorial Room at Leeming being first choice (although, there are very few items in this category)

A sad end to the collection, but hopefully some of the 35 Squadron artefacts will be put back on display at one, or more, of the venues.

Our visit to the Memorial Room