Books and Manuscripts

The following provides a list of non-fictional books / manuscripts which are known to contain squadron related material. If you know of any others, please get in touch.

Note: The list does not include “reference” style books

We Act With One Accord: 35 Pathfinder Squadron 
[Alan W Cooper]

A Pathfinder’s War 
[Flt. Lt. Ted Stocker with Sean Feast]

We Band of Brothers 
[Sqn. Ldr Bill Grierson]

How I Became a Pathfinder Force Navigator 
[Peter D Saville]

Tail Gunner
 [Richard C Rivaz]

Pathfinder Cranswick 
[Michael Cumming]

Airmen on the Run 
[Laurence Meynell]

(Chapter 3 – DG Southwell’s Evasion Story)

A Rather Sad Beginning: Story of Halifax L9489
 [Dennis Hoppe]

A Bomb Aimer’s Story: Story of Alan J Card and his crew
[Alan J Card / Roy Bunyan]

The Life of Flying Officer Alain Harvey: A World War II Pathfinder Pilot 
[Julius Brookman]

35 Squadron (Bomber Command Profile No. 9)
 [Chris Ward]

No passing glory: biography of Group Captain Cheshire
[Andrew Boyle]

Bomber Pilot
[Sqn Leader Leonard Cheshire]

If the flak doesn’t get you, the fighters will
[Brian Stoker]

Shadows on the Sands of Time
[Robert James Goode]

Amazing Airmen: Canadian Flyers in the Second World War
[Ian Darling]

Blue Job – Brown Job: A Personal Journey through World War 2
[David Codd]

A Pathfinder’s Story : The Life and Death of Flight Lieutenant Jack Mossop DFC DFM
[WW Robinson]

Love is in the air; the wartime letters and memories of Joe Pack and Margaret Dillon 
[Jeff Pack]

Diary of a Halifax Bomber (HX323)
[Michael J. Yalden]

 [Dr. Helmut Grau, Marcel Lesaar, Jürgen Lohbeck and Sven Polkläser]

The story of five Halifax bombers and their crews who crashed in Langenberg, Neviges, Mettmann and Wuppertal during World War II (including the loss of Halifax HR876)

Written in German

Through the eyes of a trained observer
[Allan John Vial]

Unpublished Manuscript – A copy is held in the Australian National Archives

Heroic Endeavour -The Remarkable Story of One Pathfinder Force Attack, a Victoria Cross and 206 Brave Men
[Sean Feast]

The tale of the wanderings of 35 Squadron RFC from their aerodrome at Narborough, Norfolk, to Hesdin in the Land of France

[Unpublished Manuscript]

Nothing on the clock
[R Hilliard]

Unpublished Manuscript – A copy is held in the Australian National Archives

Stiff Upper Smile
[Douglas Milmine]

Shropshire Blue
[Ron Powell]

Shropshire Blue is available as an ebook and paperback from Amazon

Blesme Memorial Booklet

Twenty-one page booklet that was produced for the unveiling of the memorial to JH Marks and his crew at Blesme in 1992

Flightpath To Stalag IVB: the story of WO Arthur Briggs, RAF
[Audrey James]

A Crofter’s Son on Land, Sea and Air
[Anderson Murray]

Escape Fever
[Geoffrey Harding]

The story of RJ Fitzpatrick’s escape from custody during WWI

The Loss of Halifax L9501 (Volume 1 and 2]
[Matthias Hundt]

[Unpublished Manuscript]

Cheshire’s 1941 Norfolk Rescue: the untold story of Halifax bomber L9524
[Anne Wells]

[Unpublished Manuscript]