Books / Manuscripts

The following provides a list of  non-fictional books / manuscripts which are known to contain squadron related material. If you know of any others, please get in touch.

Note: The list does not include “reference” style books

We Act With One Accord: 35 Pathfinder Squadron [Alan W Cooper]

Books [Cooper].jpeg

A Pathfinder’s War [Flt. Lt. Ted Stocker with Sean Feast]

Books - Stoker.JPG

We Band of Brothers [Sqn. Ldr Bill Grierson]

Books - Grierson.JPG

How I Became a Pathfinder Force Navigator [Peter D Saville]

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Tail Gunner [Richard C Rivaz]

Books - Rivaz.JPG

Pathfinder Cranswick [Michael Cumming]

Book [Cummings].JPG

Airmen on the Run [Laurence Meynell]

Books - Meynell.JPG

(Chapter 3 – DG Southwell’s Evasion Story)

A Rather Sad Beginning: Story of Halifax L9489 [Dennis Hoppe]

A Bomb Aimer’s Story: Story of Alan J Card and his crew [Alan J Card / Roy Bunyan]

The Life of Flying Officer Alain Harvey: A World War II Pathfinder Pilot [Julius Brookman]

Books - Harvey.JPG

35 Squadron (Bomber Command Profile No. 9) [Chris Ward]

No passing glory: biography of Group Captain Cheshire [Andrew Boyle]

Bomber Pilot [Sqn Leader Leonard Cheshire]

“If the flak doesn’t get you, the fighters will” [Brian Stoker]


Shadows on the Sands of Time [Robert James Goode]

Books - Goode.JPG

Amazing Airmen: Canadian Flyers in the Second World War [Ian Darling]


Blue Job – Brown Job: A Personal Journey through World War 2 [David Codd]

Books - Codd.JPG

A Pathfinder’s Story : The Life and Death of Flight Lieutenant Jack Mossop DFC DFM [WW Robinson]


Love is in the air; the wartime letters and memories of Joe Pack and Margaret Dillon [Jeff Pack]

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Diary of a Halifax Bomber (HX323) [Michael J. Yalden]

Books - Yaldon.JPG

Abgestürzt [Dr. Helmut Grau, Marcel Lesaar, Jürgen Lohbeck and Sven Polkläser]

[The story of five Halifax bombers and their crews who crashed in Langenberg, Neviges, Mettmann and Wuppertal during World War II (including the loss of Halifax HR876)]

Written in German

Through the eyes of a trained observer [Allan John Vial]

[Unpublished Manuscript – A copy is held in the Australian National Archives]

Heroic Endeavour -The Remarkable Story of One Pathfinder Force Attack, a Victoria Cross and 206 Brave Men [Sean Feast]

Books - Sean Feast.JPG

“The tale of the wanderings of 35 Squadron RFC from their aerodrome at Narborough, Norfolk, to Hesdin in the Land of France” [Manuscript]

“Nothing on the clock” [R Hilliard]

[Unpublished Manuscript – A copy is held in the Australian National Archives]

“Stiff Upper Smile” [Douglas Milmine]

Books [Milmine].jpg

“Shropshire Blue” [Ron Powell]

Shropshire Blue is available as an ebook and paperback from Amazon

Blesme Memorial Booklet

Twenty-one page booklet that was produced for the unveiling of the memorial to JH Marks and his crew at Blesme in 1992

Flightpath To Stalag IVB: the story of WO Arthur Briggs, RAF [Audrey James]