Lancaster ME337 (05/01/1945)

Lancaster ME337 was one of fifteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Hanover (first raid) on the night of 5th / 6th January 1945.

It was carrying 4 x 2000lb HC (NI). Its designated Path Finder role was Visual Centerer.

Its eight-man crew comprised:

  • Jack Alfred Murrell (Pilot)
  • John Roderick O’Donnell (Navigator)
  • Albert Sidney Cubberley (Air Bomber)
  • Joseph Omer Dumas (Set Operator)
  • Thomas Ogden (Wireless Operator)
  • Jack Norman Oliver (Air Gunner)
  • James Johnston Black (Air Gunner)
  • William Reginald Eady (Flight Engineer)

The route was 5400N 0500E, 5305N 0700E, 5250N 0910E, Hanover, 5150N 0912E, 5220N 0705E, 5210N 0420E, Southwold

There is no information in the squadron’s Record Book regarding any incident / damage, but the AM Form 78 shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/AC; it was repaired on site and returned to the squadron on 20th January 1945


AM Form 1180

There isn’t an AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) held at the RAF Museum and, as such, it has not been possible to establish any more details