Halifax HR925 (11/11/1943)

Halifax HR925 was one of twenty-four No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Cannes on the night of 11th / 12th November 1943

Its eight-man crew comprised:

  • Desmond Ewart Abel Lander (Pilot)
  • Norman Sidney Francis Palmer (Navigator)
  • George Frederick Collier (Air Bomber)
  • Charles Hogg (Set Operator)
  • Albert James Wickersham (Wireless Operator)
  • Donald Arthur Alfred Swain (Air Gunner)
  • Roy Horace Wells (Air Gunner)
  • David Peter McDonald Thomson (Flight Engineer)

The route was as follows: Base, Selsey Bill, 49°20N 00°00E, 47°25N 01°00E, 43°18N 06°35E, Cannes, 43°40N 07°12E, 47°35N 01°20E, 49°20N  00°00E, Selsey Bill, Base

The squadron’s Operations Record Book has no details but the AM Form 78 shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/A and was off charge until 14th January 1944


Aircraft Crash Log (Compiled by Nicholas Roberts)

Aircraft belly landed after operations

AM Form 1180

  • AM Form 1180 to be obtained