Canberra WK125 (06/03/1958)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “On the night of 6th March, F/L A.D. Ashworth took off from El Adem (Libya) for a bombing detail.

After completing the bombing detail, he set course for Luqa, but during the latter stages of the climb be noticed that the oil pressure had dropped to 12 lbs per square inch. He decided to return to El Adem and land, with the port engined flamed out.

He joined the circuit and because be could not obtain any flap he decided to carry out an asymmetric overshoot. However, during the overshoot his starboard engine did not develop full power; he attempted to complete the circuit, but his speed and height rapidly decreased. He was unable to make the runway and crashed just off the airfield boundary. There were no casualties.

A Board of of Enquiry was convened and is now adjourned pending a technical investigation by Rolls Royce”