Halifax DT519 (01/03/1943)

Halifax DT519 was one of thirteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Berlin on the night of the 1st / 2nd March 1943.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Harry Malkin (Pilot)
  • Carl Edward Sorsdahl (Navigator)
  • AT Williams (Air Bomber)
  • Herbert Alfred William Jolly (Wireless Operator)
  • John Meredith Fryer (Air Gunner)
  • John Thomas Stanton (Air Gunner)
  • Edmund Ernest Stocker (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Over Munster, caught in cones of searchlights, was hit by heavy accurate flak, 2 members of the crew (W/OP [HAW Jolly] and M/UG [JM Fryer]) wounded. Landed at Stanton Morley.


H Malkin (Citation)

H Malkin was awarded the Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts during this raid. His citation reads:

“One night in March, 1943, this officer captained an aircraft detailed to attack Berlin. Whilst over the city the bomber was held in searchlights and subjected to heavy anti-aircraft fire. The rudder controls were severed and one of the port engines was damaged causing it to fail. Despite this, Flt. Lt. Malkin skilfully controlled the damaged aircraft and executed a successful attack. Soon after leaving the target area, efforts to re-start the damaged engine proved successful, but further trouble was encountered. The bomber was again engaged by anti-aircraft fire, which rendered the port outer engine unserviceable. The mid-upper gunner was wounded, while all lights in the cockpit failed. With extreme difficulty, height was maintained and displaying superb airmanship, Flt. Lt. Malkin flew the damaged bomber to an airfield in this country.”

AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/AC; it was repaired and returned to the squadron on 29th April 1943

HAW Jolly

HAW Jolly did not fly operationally with the squadron after this date.

JM Fryer

JM Fryer returned to operational service with the squadron by 5th March 1943