Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 D5018 (02/06/1918)

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 D5018 was being utilised for a Travelling Flight (visiting aerodromes) on 2nd June 1918

Its crew comprised:

  • NC Bennison (Pilot)
  • P Pickering (Observer)

The RFC Casualty Report shows “Machine left aerodrome (Hetomesnil) at 7.20 and in getting off had to cross a sunken road, part of which was suitable for machines to taxi over. At same time another machine taxied on to this path and the aircraft in trying to avoid a collision hit the side of the road having insufficient flying speed to clear it; Pilot OK; Observer: Badly shaken up”


P Pickering

P Pickering was admitted to hospital (concussion of brain) and struck off strength of the squadron

[Source: RAF Museum]

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 D5018

The aircraft was struck off charge of the squadron and transferred to 2 AD