Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 C8552 (25/04/1918)

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 C8552 was being utilised for an Artillery Patrol on 25th April 1918

Its crew comprised:

  • AEG Williams
  • N Bowden

The RFC Casualty Report shows “Machine left aerodrome at 3.45. Report received states that machine was struck by a shell whilst in the air (Cachy); fate of personnel unknown”


AEG Williams and N Bowden

AEG Williams and N Bowden were initially reported “missing” then as “killed”

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s records show that the remains of AE Williams and N Bowden were located at 62D[SW] O.17.C.2.3

In accordance with government policy at that time, their remains were exhumed, formally identified and concentrated (reinterred) at VILLERS-BRETONNEUX MILITARY CEMETERY as follows:

  • WILLIAMS, ALFRED EDMUND Second Lieutenant  Grave VI. A. 5.
  • BOWDEN, Second Lieutenant Grave VI. A. 10.

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 C8552

The aircraft was struck off charge of the squadron and the RAF in the Field