Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 B327 (22/03/1918)

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 B327 was being utilised for Contact Patrol on 22nd March 1918

Its crew comprised:

  • MGW Stewart
  • LC Keen

The RFC Casualty Report shows “Machine left aerodrome at 3.30pm and was shot down by enemy aircraft near Poeuilly; personnel uninjured”.


Squadron Record Book

“Machine was heavily fired on by the enemy. Machine hit badly in radiator and front tank; also from enemy aircraft in emergency tank. The engine seized up and we were forced to land at Q.32. We found ourselves in proximity of our outposts, so returned and set light to machine which was completely destroyed”

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 B327

The aircraft (having been burnt by pilot) was struck off charge of the squadron and the RFC in the Field