Lancaster PB555 (27/09/1944)

Lancaster PB555 was one of four No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Bottrop on 27th September 1944 (Daylight Raid)

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Walter Hargrave Harris (Pilot)
  • Ronald Bowen Perkins (Navigator)
  • John Francis Myers (Air Bomber)
  • Stanley Turner (Wireless Operator)
  • Alfred George Wright (Air Gunner)
  • Stephen Thurston Ashton (Air Gunner)
  • Alec Marks (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record book shows: “Aircraft hit by heavy flak over target. Oxygen supply pipe to Rear Gunner and Mid-Upper Gunner was severed which prevented effective look out being kept”


AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was classified as AC on 27th September 1944; it was repaired on site and returned to the squadron on 14th October 1944

AM Form 1180

There isn’t an AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) held at the RAF Museum and, as such, it has not been possible to establish any more details