Lancaster PB197 (15/08/1944)

Lancaster PB197 was one of nine No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Le Culot on the morning of the 15th August 1944.

Its eight-man crew comprised:

  • Douglas Gray Murray (Pilot)
  • John Verney (Navigator)
  • Ronald Walter Cumbers (Air Bomber)
  • Frederick Cameron Shortts (Set Operator)
  • Francis George Boothby (Wireless Operator)
  • Philip Gough (Air Gunner)
  • Wilfred George Young (Air Gunner)
  • Edward Donald Hughes (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “This aircraft was hit by flak before reaching the target and had to turn back as the port outer engine and port aileron were rendered unserviceable”


AM Form 78

The movement card shows that the aircraft was classified as Cat FB/AC on 15th August 1944; it was repaired on site and returned to the squadron on 16th September 1944

AM Form 1180

There is no AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) for this incident, so no further details are available