Lancaster ND694 (27/04/1944)

Lancaster ND694 was one of fourteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Friedrichshafen on 27th / 28th April 1944.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Joseph Charles Kemp (Pilot)
  • Leslie Roberts (Navigator)
  • Alfred George Boam (Air Bomber)
  • Leslie Albert Lewis (Wireless Operator)
  • David Charles Rhodes (Air Gunner)
  • Henry Dale (Air Gunner)
  • William G Lawrie (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record book shows “Bombs hung up over target; bomb release mechanism unserviceable possibly due to flak damage” H2S was also unserviceable


AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was sent from repair on 28th April 1944; it was returned to the squadron on 1st June 1944