Lancaster NG440 (18/03/1945)

Lancaster NG440 was one of fifteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Witten on the night of the 18th / 19th March 1945.

Its eight-man crew comprised:

  • John Campbell Blair (Pilot)
  • Derek Ian Jeffery (Navigator)
  • Thomas Henderson Hunter (Air Bomber)
  • “Yale Knox Carter” (Set Operator)
  • John Arthur Moore (Wireless Operator)
  • Harry Foxton (Air Gunner)
  • JS Johnson (Air Gunner)
  • (Possibly) Herbert Bailey (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows: When the aircraft was half way across the Channel, aircraft doing dog leg at 4,000 feet to waste time and an aircraft, believed to be a Lancaster, came in from starboard bow and hit starboard fin, ripped a piece off it, took part of an elevator and fin away. Aircraft went into steep dive and lost 2,000 feet. Aircraft set course for jettison area and returned to base. All personnel were uninjured.


AM Form 78

The movement card does not show any details regarding classification as a result of the incident; it is known that the aircraft was back in operational use on 24th March 1945

AM Form 1180

There isn’t an AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) held at the RAF Museum and, as such, it has not been possible to establish any more details


  1. Information suggests that the other aircraft involved was No. 640 Squadron Halifax NR289 which damaged its nose and landed at Manston