Lancaster PB685 (10/02/1945)

Lancaster PB685 was returning to Graveley on 10th February 1945.

Its crew comprised:

  • FHV Beazley (Pilot)
  • Others?

There are no details in the squadron’s Operations Record Books but the AM Form 1180 for the aircraft shows “Forced landed wheels up in a field (Lord’s Farm, Sheldwitch, Kent) due to bad weather conditions; ice formed on wings at 200ft”


AM Form 78

The movement card shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/AC (although there were no operations on this date). It was not returned to the squadron and was reallocated.


  1. E-Mail sent to Sheldwich Parish Council on 25th July 2017 to see if there are any further details, but there was no response.