Lancaster PB200 (28/07/1944)

Lancaster PB200 was one of six No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Hamburg on the night of 28th / 29th July 1944.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Roy Patrick Roberts (Pilot)
  • John Francis Marshall (Navigator)
  • Allan John Vial (Air Bomber)
  • Albert Harrison (Wireless Operator)
  • Leslie Arthur Booth (Air Gunner)
  • “Lloyd Dennis Nickel” (Air Gunner)
  • George William Hatton (Flight Engineer)
Roberts Crew [Lucy Harrison].jpg

AJ Vial, LA Booth, LD Nickel, JF Marshall, A Harrison, RP Roberts, GW Hatton

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “The Flight Engineer on aircraft PB200 was hit in the thigh by anti-aircraft fire and later removed to hospital.


RAF Graveley ORB

Lancaster PB200 hit by flak on bombing run. Flight Engineer (Sgt Hatton) hit in right thigh. One fragment remained in thigh but a second and larger fragment penetrated into the pelvis. Transferred to RAF General Hospital, Ely.

GW Hatton’s Log Book Entry

Log Book 1 (Injury)


  1. No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows that GW Hatton was operational again on 30th July 1944, but it is thought that this is an error. His log book shows that his next flight(s) were in February 1945
  2. More information on the crew can be found in the manuscript “Through the eyes of a trained observer” written by AJ Vial