Lancaster ND916 (23/06/1944)

Lancaster ND916 was one of sixteen No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack rocket bases at Coubronne on the night of the 23rd / 24th June 1944.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Geoffrey Ansdell Marsden (Pilot)
  • Reginald Lawrence Thompson (Navigator)
  • Edward George Meredith (Air Bomber)
  • Harry Rolls (Wireless Operator)
  • Harry John William Furner (Air Gunner)
  • Neville Arthur Farley (Air Gunner)
  • Charles Bernard McBrearty (Flight Engineer)

The route was Bradwell, North Foreland, Lattice B 10.65 (Eastern Chain), Target, 5045N 0228E, 5105N 0230E, Orfordness

No. 35 Squadron’s Operations Record Book shows: “Aircraft captained by GA Marsden was attacked by enemy fighter, the two gunners being dangerously wounded by cannon and machine gun fire.


RAF Graveley ORB

Lancaster ND916 attacked by enemy fighter over target area. Sgt Furner and Sgt Farley, both seriously wounded. The former received wound in left eye, right thigh, right shoulder, hand and arm and left forearm. The latter received wounds of left thigh and a compound fracture of right humerus. They were both transferred to RAF Hospital, Ely

AM Form 78

The movement card shows that the aircraft was classified as FB/AC; it was repaired on site and returned to the squadron on 22nd July 1944.

AM Form 1180

There isn’t an AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) held at the RAF Museum and, as such, it has not been possible to establish any more details

HJW Furner


  1. Harry Furner lost his left eye as a result of the incident and was grounded for the remainder of the war
  2. NA Farley did not fly operationally with the squadron after this incident