Lancaster ND697 (29/04/1944)

Lancaster ND697 was taxiing to take off on a training flight on 29th April 1944

The crew comprised:

  • AV Hardy
  • Others

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows: At approximately 15.00hrs, Lancaster ND697, captained by AV Hardy, was taxiing to take off on a training flight when the undercarriage was suddenly, accidentally retracted and the aircraft sank on to its fuselage causing considerable damage.


Lancaster ND697

The AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) shows “On taxiing to take off, mid-upper gunner in 2nd Pilot’s seat intending to lower flaps raised undercarriage up. Pilot responsible; mid-upper gunner not qualified to carry out take off duties. Crew drill poor” .

The AM Form 78 (Movement Card) shows that the aircraft was classified as Cat FA/AC; it was struck off charge on 17th May 1944