Lancaster ND653 (14/06/1944)

Lancaster ND653 was one of eight No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack a military choke point at Evrecy on the night of the 14th / 14th June 1944.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Svein Johannes Hausvik (Pilot)
  • Herbert George Hornsby (Navigator)
  • Finn Haagensen (Air Bomber)
  • Othmar Lorentz Flaaten (Wireless Operator)
  • Arthur Bevin (Air Gunner)
  • Eric McHugh Davies (Air Gunner)
  • Malcolm Scholes (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “ND653 was hit in the nose by anti-aircraft fire, the air bomber, F Haagensen suffering a wound in his back which necessitated his removal to hospital


RAF Graveley ORB

Lancaster ND653 hit by bullets (presumably from an unseen fighter) over target area. Sgt Haagensen sustained gunshot wounds of right buttock and was admitted to RAF Hospital, Ely.

AM Form 1180

There isn’t an AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) held at the RAF Museum and, as such, it has not been possible to establish any more details


  1. Haagensen was operational again in September 1944