Halifax HX169 (19/01/1944 [Non Op.])

Halifax HX169 was on a training flight on 19th January 1944.

Its seven-man crew consisted of:

  • Ralph Blakey (Pilot)
  • Joseph William Samuel Burden (Navigator)
  • Douglas John McLeod (Air Bomber)
  • Stephen Jackson (Wireless Operator)
  • Kenneth Albert Lawrence Mitchell (Air Gunner)
  • Thomas Nainby (Air Gunner)
  • Leslie Valentine Norton (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Halifax Mark II HX169, whilst on a training flight, crashed near the aerodrome when attempting to land on three engines at approximately 11.15 hours. Though the aircraft was completely wrecked, only R Blakey and DJ McLeod were injured. Both were removed to RAF Hospital, Ely”


Cause / Location of Loss

Crashed between Toseland and Yelling?

AM Form 78

The movement card shows that the aircraft was classified as Cat. FA/E and it was struck off charge on 2nd February 1944

AM Form 1180

Crashed near airfield after overshooting on three engines; aircraft started turn at 300ft after take-off; pilot reported aircraft behaving strangely and that ailerons were jamming. Investigation found accident due to technical failure

R Blakey / DJ McLeod

R Blakey returned to the squadron and was operational again in May 1944. DJ McLeod did not return to the squadron.