Halifax W7658 (28/04/1942)

On 21st April 1942, 115 Officers, NCOs and airmen ground personnel took leave for RAF Station Kinloss, which was to be used as an advance base for an attack on the Battleship “Tirpitz”.

On 22nd April, eleven aircraft and crews followed them up to Kinloss including Halifax W7658 which was crewed as follows:

  • Arthur Wilding (Pilot)
  • Geoffrey Norman Reeve (2nd Pilot)
  • Harold Richard Giddens (WOP / AG)
  • Walter Harold Mennell (WOP / AG)
  • Joseph Thomas Stanworth (Air Gunner)
  • John Norman Hindle (Flight Engineer)

On the night of 27th / 28th April 1942, it was one of eleven No. 35 Squadron aircraft that took part in an attack on the Tirpitz which was moored in Fættenfjord (Norway).

The crew reported “Mines jettisoned at the entrance of Fættenfjord owing to intense flak”.

On the night of 28th / 29th April 1942, it was one of seven No. 35 Squadron aircraft that took part in a second attack on the Tirpitz.

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Returned early owing to engine trouble. Mines jettisoned in the sea”


AM Form 1180

The AM Form 1180 shows “Aircraft in difficulty during violent evasive action; bombs released during steep turn; although main bomb doors were fully open, bomb fouled doors due to altitude of aircraft. Cockpit drill faulty; no disciplinary action; bombs released in emergency.

AM Form 78

The AM Form 78 shows that the aircraft was classified as FB AC on 2nd May 1942. It was repaired on site and returned to the squadron on 7th May 1942