Halifax W1051 (06/05/1942)

Halifax W1051 was one of four No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack Stuttgart on the night of the 6th / 7th May 1942.

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • Harold Adrian Brown (Pilot)
  • Charles Vincent Harvey (Observer)
  • Walter Alfred Elliot (Air Bomber)
  • [-] Long (WOP / AG)
  • [-] Stewart (Air Gunner)
  • [-] Ogg (Air Gunner)
  • [-] Burtonshaw (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Aircraft was trimmed so poorly that it took the pilot two and a half hours to reach 10,000 feet and almost exhausted him. Pilot suggested that cause was badly slung 4,000lb bomb which was jettisoned at 10,000 feet over enemy waters. Aircraft returned to base but crash landed slewing to starboard, reason unknown, after normal touch down and collided with stationary aircraft off runway. (L9568 of 35 Conversion Flight)


AM Form 1180

AM Form 1180 shows “W1051 ran off flight path on landing and hit L9568, 300ft off line of runway. Splinters from the propellers of W1051 also damaged L9607 of 35 Conversion Flight; W1051 failed to line up with flight path; approach was too fast and the weight of the aircraft proved too much for brakes. Pilot informed of wind strength over R/T (Inexperienced Pilot [OC]