Halifax R9445 (03/03/1942)

Halifax R9445 was one of ten aircraft dispatched by No. 35 Squadron to attack the Renault Works at Billancourt on the night of 3rd / 4th March 1942.

Its seven-man crew consisted of:

  • Samuel Davis Jones (Pilot)
  • CS Stringer (2nd Pilot)
  • HA Hawkin (Observer)
  • James Henry Janes (WOP / AG)
  • [-] Harvey (WOP / AG)
  • [-] Russell (Air Gunner)
  • John Maurice Mitchell (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operation Record Book shows “R9445 was unable to attack the Renault works owing to the port wing and fuselage being hit by light flak causing a short circuit in the electrical bomb release preventing dropping of bombs. Could not aim accurately manually. Both port engines cut whilst making approach. This aircraft crash landed at Oakington

P.4 (Cas), Casualty Branch Files

AIR 81/12496 Sergeant H A Hawkin: injured; Halifax R9445, 35 Squadron; aircraft crashed near Cottenham on return from an operational flight over Billancourt, France, 3 March 1942.

HA Hawkin

The squadron’s record book shows that HA Hawkin had returned to operational duties by 9th March 1942