Halifax L9493 (10/03/1941)

Halifax L9493 was one of seven No. 35 Squadron aircraft detailed to attack the docks and shipping canal at Le Havre on 10th March 1941.

Its six-man crew comprised:

  • Richard Vernon Warren (Pilot)
  • Stanley Desmond Greaves (2nd Pilot)
  • Clement Watt Wilson (Observer)
  • Ronald Leslie Somerville (WOP / AG)
  • Douglas Peter Hogg (WOP / AG)
  • Gordon Herbert Frank Ogden (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Shrapnel from a very near heavy shell-burst holed the aircraft in many places and injured the navigator. With commendable fortitude this N.C.O carried out his duties, including the aiming and releasing of the second stick of bombs. The radiator of the starboard inner engine was punctured causing over-heating of the engine, which had to be switched off: also a hydraulic failure caused the starboard undercarriage to fall. The aircraft returned to base at the time stated on three engines and with one leg down”.


AM Form 78

There are no entries on the AM Form 78 (Movement Card) relating to this incident for L9493; however the card for L9494 shows that it was damaged on 10th / 11th March 1941

AM Form 1180

There is is no AM Form 1180 (Accident Card) for this incident for either L9493 or L9494

P.4 (Cas) Casualty Branch File

The following casualty files are available at the National Archives

AIR 81/5409 “Sergeant C W Wilson: injured; aircraft hit by enemy anti aircraft fire over target, Halifax L9493, 35 Squadron, 10 March 1941. (Note: Related files: 4952, 4956”)

It contains the following information regarding his injury:

“Sgt CW Wilson admitted to hospital (Military Hospital, York). Compound comminuted left patella as a result of gunshot wounds. Left patella removed wound excised shrapnel removed from knee joint”

CW Wilson

CW Wilson did not fly operationally with the squadron after this incident