Halifax L9495 (17/07/1941 [Non Op])

Halifax L9495 was landing at Linton-On-Ouse at the end of a ferry flight on 17th July 1941.

Its crew comprised:

  • JB Tait
  • Others?

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “aircraft did a wheels up landing at Linton. All crew escaped uninjured”.


AM Form 78

The Movement Card shows that the aircraft was classified as FA/E and it was struck off charge

AM Form 1180

The Accident Card shows “Undercarriage failed to lower; port up lock control unsatisfactory”

Linton-On-Ouse ORB

The Linton-On-Ouse Operations Record Book shows that JB Tait ferried the Commander-in-Chief, Bomber Command to Middleton-St-George on 17th July, so the loss may be associated with the return flight.