Lancaster PB684 (18/05/1945)

Lancaster PB684 was being utilised for a training flight on 18th May 1945

Its crew comprised:

  • WN Mercer (Pilot)
  • Possibly:
    • EJL Hall (Navigator)
    • JT Brenner (Air Bomber)
    • HV Gash (Wireless Operator)
    • DA Durie (Air Gunner)
    • EJ Soan (Air Gunner)
    • CM Fenwick (Flight Engineer)

The squadron’s Operations record Book shows “When completing a training flight, PB684 made a fast landing and the Captain WN Mercer, attempting to swing the aircraft off the runway, caused the undercarriage to collapse. Though the aircraft was very badly damaged, none of the crew was hurt”


AM Form 78

The movement card shows that the aircraft was classified as FA/B; it was later reclassified as FA/E and struck off charge on 5th June 1945

AM Form 1180

The AM Form 1180 shows “Landing; aircraft overshot after fast approach and undercarriage collapsed when pilot swung to avoid running off end of runway (pilot should have gone round again)