Jolly (HAW) (23/01/1944)

HAW Jolly was killed whilst he was on attachment to the Pathfinder Navigational Training Unit.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s records show the following burial details:

  • JOLLY, HERBERT ALFRED WILLIAM, Warrant Officer, ‘629823,’ BUNGAY CEMETERY, Sec. P. Grave 84.
Jolly HAW


WR Chorley (Royal Air Force Bomber Command Losses Volume 8: Heavy Conversion Units and Miscellaneous Units, 1939-1947)

23 Jan 1944, PFNTU, Halifax II W7823, Training.

T/O 2115 Upwood tasked for a target indicator dropping exercise, but failed to gain height. Seconds later, having smashed through some trees, the Halifax was in a mass of flames in Upwood village on the south side of the airfield. Terribly burned, LAC Preston, whose trade was described as “Air Gunner”, was rushed to the Peterborough Memorial Hospital but despite the best efforts of the doctors and nursing staff, he succumbed to his injuries the next day. F/O Candlin and W/O Jolly had been attached from 83 Squadron and 35 Squadron respectively. Apart from Sgt Mitra, whose parents, Haridas and Sudhanshu Bala Mitra, lived in Calcutta, all were buried under private arrangement. It is noted that Sgt Mitra was a graduate of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh; he had enlisted on 3 March 1941.

  • F/L BF McSorley DFC RCAF
  • F/S FJP Jervis DFM
  • F/O GWC Candlin DFC DFM
  • P/O LL Oram
  • Sgt WG Stoneman
  • Sgt W Ellenor
  • AC2 AR Kavanagh
  • W/O HAW Jolly DFM
  • Sgt BK Mitra
  • LAC AC Preston (Died of Injuries)

Memorial at Saint Peter’s Church, Upwood

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[Courtesy of the IBCC Memorial Project]