Formation of No. 635 Squadron


On 20th March 1944, one of No. 35 Squadron’s flights, under the command of S/L JR Wood, moved to Downham Market to form the nucleus of No. 635 Squadron.

Twenty eight officers and forty eight NCO aircrew travelled by air in nine Lancaster III aircraft. One hundred and two groundcrew personnel, comprised almost entirely of “B” Flight, travelled by road. In addition, a further nine squadron personnel and thirty two personnel from No. 9035 Servicing Echelon proceeded on posting to No. 9635 Servicing Echelon

In addition to S/L JR Wood, officers posted were:

  • KA Petch (Pilot)
  • RB Roache (Pilot)
  • W Still (Pilot)
  • RW Beveridge (Pilot)
  • IB Hayes (Pilot)
  • FW Healey (Pilot)
  • HJL Webb (Pilot)
  • JR Wood (Pilot)
  • GA Young (Pilot)
  • CL Potter (Navigator)
  • WM Douglas (Navigator)
  • HP Laskoski (Navigator)
  • MI Massy (Navigator)
  • J Neville (Navigator)
  • GA Stocks (Navigator)
  • HJ Plank (Air Bomber)
  • GD Linacre (Air Bomber)
  • TS Brady (Air Bomber)
  • JG Irwin (Air Bomber)
  • GM Lockie (Air Bomber)
  • WT Olyott (Air Bomber)
  • J Puver (Air Bomber)
  • TM Telford (Air Bomber)
  • DB Coltman (Wireless Operator)
  • CE Peake (Wireless Operator)
  • J Allinson (Air Gunner)
  • EO Deveson (Air Gunner)

Lancaster III aircraft transferred out included: JA857, JB239, LM340, LM346, ND359,  ND453,  ND704,  ND709,  ND711

(Note: LM340 does not appear to have been on strength of No. 35 Squadron so it may be that only 8 aircraft were transferred to No. 635 Squadron)