Airfield Attack at Linton (11/05/1941)

The airfield at Linton-On-Ouse was attacked by enemy aircraft on 11/12th May 1941

No 4 Group Record Book

RAF Station Linton-On-Ouse was attacked for 2hrs 11mins by two enemy aircraft on 12th May 1941. 1 aircraft machine gunned aerodrome and searchlights and several bombs and containers of incendiaries were dropped. Casualties were 11 killed and 8 injured, 1 dangerously. Included in those killed was the Station Commander Group Captain FF Garraway

Linton-On-Ouse Record Book 

During the early hours of the morning, the station was attacked. 23 HE and 3 x 4000 incendiaries being dropped on the aerodrome, 10 HE west of the River Ouse and 5 off the aerodrome, after our defences had been firing for about 45 minutes at different enemy aircraft passing over. 12 were killed, 1 died of wounds and 13 were injured. A direct hit was registered on a shelter. Amongst those killed was the Station Commander Group Captain Garraway.

No. 35 Squadron Record Book

“Enemy attack on station commenced at 01.45 hours, approximately, and continued for about half an hour. In the initial attack, sticks of incendiaries were dropped across the length of the Station, catching, in the line, this Squadron’s hangars. The incendiaries were soon blazing in the hangars, on the roofs, and about the aircraft.

Prompt action by the aircraft guards and other airmen of the Squadron who turned out immediately from their barracks, soon had the bombs under control and the damage was limited to holes in the hangar roofs, a slightly burnt mainplane of an aircraft being repaired in one hangar by contractors and the front fuselage burnt of another Halifax aircraft picketed at a dispersal point.  A number of airmen also assisted in controlling other bombs burning about the station.

Unfortunately a wooden store hut in the centre of the camp was struck and caught fire. It appears that the enemy used this as a target for subsequent attacks with high explosives and amongst the victims of these in the line of the attacks were ten airmen of this squadron. No 620923 Cpl Marloth KH (Electrician) was killed and No 1258724 AC2 Meeson HH (Electrician) died as a result of his injuries in York Military Hospital. The remainder were admitted York Military Hospital suffering from various injuries.

The new Station Commander, Group Captain FF Garraway OBE was also killed whilst conducting the fire fighting operations”

On 15th May 1941, the record book shows:

“No 1206638 AC2 Dale A, one of the airmen injured during the enemy attack on the night of 11th / 12th May, died as a result of his wounds, in York Military Hospital at 05.30 hours. The remainder progressing favourably”

No. 35 Squadron Personnel Burial Details

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s records show the following burial details:

  • DALE, ARTHUR, Aircraftman 2nd Class, ‘1206638’, BIRMINGHAM (WITTON) CEMETERY, Sec. 97. Grave 111722.
  • MEESON, HECTOR HERBERT, Aircraftman 2nd Class, ‘1258724,’ EDMONTON CEMETERY, MIDDLESEX, Sec. K. Grave 3509.

Memorial at Linton-On-Ouse

[Courtesy of Graham Sharpe]


  1. It is worth noting that there are varying accounts in the Group, Station and Squadron Record Books relating to the length of the attack and the number of airmen killed or injured.
  2.  The movement card for Halifax L9504 shows that it was damaged on 12th May 1941; this may therefore be one of the aircraft involved