Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 A2689 (10/12/1916)

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 A2689 was being utilised for a training exercise at Narborough Aerodrome on 10th December 1916

Its crew comprised:

  • Sgt E Jones
  • Sgt Blake

The Casualty Card shows: After taking off, the aircraft made a slight bank which developed into steep bank; could not move control lever enough to regain level; machine side-slipped and nosedived. Both crew members were injured


Casualty Card (Incident)

Jones E Incident

[Source: RAF Museum]

E Jones

Routine Orders show that E Jones was admitted to Swaffham College Hospital as a result of the accident and was discharged on 19th December 1916.

Court of Enquiry

A Court of Enquiry was convened on 28th December 1916 to enquire into damage to aeroplane hangar and injuries to men by aircraft A2689 on 10th December 1916

Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 A2689

The aircraft was struck off charge of the squadron and the RFC on 28th December 1916


The Casualty Card (Incident) does not provide any details about the injuries and there are no Casualty Cards (Person) for either Jones or Blake