Vickers F.B.5 2341 (20/07/1916)

Vickers F.B.5 2341 was being utilised for a training exercise at Narborough Aerodrome on 20th July 1916

Its crew comprised:

  • 2Lt. Capon (Pilot)
  • HC Burdett

The Casualty Card shows “Flying Accident; Forced landing; machine turned over. HC Burdett wounded (Scalp) / 2Lt Capon uninjured”


HC Burdett

HC Burdett was admitted to Kings Lynn Hospital on 20th July; he was discharged on 4th August 1916 and posted to No. 9 Reserve Squadron, Norwich.

His Casualty Card shows the following information:

Burdett H C Incident

[Source: RAF Museum]

Vickers F.B.5. 2341

The aircraft was flown to No. 6 Reserve Squadron, Catterick on 8th August and struck off charge of the squadron