Lancaster B1 (FE) TW647 (11/11/1947)

Lancaster B1 (FE) TW647 (which was being flown by a crew from No. 115 Squadron) was involved in a mid-air collision with a Hornet on 11th November 1947 during a Fighter Affiliation exercise and crashed at Little Cressingham in Norfolk.

The squadron record book shows “An aircraft on the squadron strength was involved in a flying accident on 11th November 1947. The aircraft, after colliding in mid-air with an escorting Hornet aircraft, crashed and was written off”

6 members of the Lancaster crew, one passenger in the Lancaster and the pilot of the Hornet were killed. The pilot of the Lancaster was able to bale out and he survived the crash


  • The ORB shows the loss as TW880, but research suggests that it was TW647
  • The aircraft collided with Hornet PX284 from No.19 Squadron flown by DM Steedman.
  • Various sources show the names of those lost in the Lancaster were GA Allan, DAL Edwards, ACR Emery, WH Gillespie, PH Humphreys (Passenger), J Moore and HO Scatchard. The pilot (who baled out) was PE Clarke.
  • It is understood that a photograph was taken by another Lancaster in the formation just seconds before the incident which appeared in Aeroplane Monthly. A copy of this photograph is held at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre