Lancaster B1 (FE) SW315 (03/01/1946)

Lancaster B1 (FE) SW315 was being utilised for a Bullseye Night Training Exercise on 3rd January 1946

Its seven-man crew comprised:

  • J Robinson (Pilot)
  • Others?

The squadron’s Operations Record Book  shows “Four aircraft were detailed for a bullseye night training exercise over Germany. Two collided in the air after an hours flying. None of the crew of SW315, captained by J Robinson were injured but aircraft NG388 was badly damaged in the nose, exposing the crew, captained by KW Clarine to severe frostbite. The plight of two members Corsar (Navigator) and Peters (Wireless Operator) was serious and both were later admitted to RAF Hospital, Ely. Both aircraft landed safely at Woodbridge.