Canberra B.2 WJ615 (22/11/1956)

Canberra B.2 WJ615 was being utilised for Diversion Practice Training on 22nd November 1956.

Its crew comprised:

  • Anthony Ashley Redman (Pilot)
  • Alan Albert Mansell (Navigator)

The AM Form 1180 shows “The aircraft made a normal QGH from 25,000ft during a night diversion exercise at Kinloss and was seen to climb away from an overshoot height of 300ft. No further transmissions were received from the pilot. Within a short while a witness heard a jet aircraft pass at an unusually low altitude and saw its outline flying south on a straight course. A few seconds later he saw a flash as it hit the hills. The following morning, wreckage was found on the top of Sagairt Mor (Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, Scotland) at a height of 3,430ft A.M.S.L.

Both crew members were killed


Court of Inquiry

A Court of Inquiry reported “The Court is unable to find a direct cause of the accident but considers it was probably caused by one of the following:

  • deliberate low flying
  • pilot unknowingly low flying
  • the occurrence of an emergency or failure resulting in loss of altitude.

There is no direct evidence to support any of these possibilities.

The C in C considers it unlikely that the pilot flew low intentionally and thinks the possible cause was a faulty altimeter due to water accumulating and freezing in the static line.


  1. The Accident Card also has some comments regarding the flying experience of the pilot which has been excluded from this record
  2. The Accident Card suggests that it was a No. 50 Squadron aircraft being flown by No. 35 Squadron crew
  3. There are photographs of the wreckage on many websites