Canberra B.2 WK114 (19/04/1955)

Canberra B.2 (believed to be WK114) was being utilised for overshoot practice on 19th April 1955.

Its crew comprised:

  • CH Barwell
  • Others?

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “CH Barwell was carrying out an overshoot at night when at height of 1500ft and a speed of about 230 – 250 knots, the canopy suddenly disintegrated . The only part of the canopy that was left was the DV panel and a small area around the port VHF aerial. In spite of this and the fact that he had difficulty seeing, CH Barwell carried out a perfect landing. On inspection on the ground it was discovered that the aircraft had hit a bird and it was this which had destroyed the canopy”.