Avro Lincoln SX990 (29/09/1949)

Avro Lincoln SX990 was being utilised for a Bullseye Exercise on 29th September 1949

The crew comprised:

  • T Baranowski
  • RR Ewart
  • RA Johns
  • RH Pick
  • G Clump
  • WS Fenion
  • GW Vines

The Squadron’s Record Book shows On the night of 29th September 1949, Lincoln SX937 (*) crashed whilst approaching to land after taking part in a Bullseye exercise. Aircraft Category E1

(*) The Squadron ORB shows the aircraft as SX937 rather than SX990


AM Form 1180

Pilot failed to maintain height flying on instruments in darkness at low altitude. Pilot directly responsible in that he took his eyes off the instruments at crucial moments during a BABS approach, thereby becoming unaware of his height and flying aircraft into the ground. All crew survived

Crash Location

Aircraft crashed 1 mile south of Shippea Hill, Suffolk