Presentation Aircraft (WWI)


Both public and private money was utilised to fund the war effort and appeals for private funding were made in the UK and in the British Commonwealth.

A “price list” for the various aircraft types was drawn up which showed that donations of a particular sum would entitle the donor to have their name inscribed on a randomly selected production aircraft of that type.

Aircraft utilised by No. 35 Squadron which carried donor markings included:

  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c 2661 [Baroda No.3]
  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c 2531 [‘Punjab No.23 Kamal’]
  • Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 B5767 [Punjab 36 Derajat]
  • Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c 2664 [Raghunath Aeroplane Goldinganj]
  • Armstrong-Whitworth FK8 B255 [Malaya No. 3 “The Alma Baker’]
  • Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b 5229 [Punjab 9 Kalsia]

Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b 5229 (Punjab 9 Kalsia)
[Source: Narborough History Society]