Vickers Wellesley K7738 (20/10/1937)

Vickers Wellesley K7738 was being utilised for a Cross Country, and D/F and W/T Exercise on 20th October 1937.

Its crew comprised:

  • Sgt Thomas Eric Moon (Pilot)
  • Sgt Vernon Hedley
  • AC George John Nunn

The squadron’s Operations Record Book shows “Two aircraft set out on a long distance cross country to Sealand, Orfordness, North Coates Fitties and return. The aircraft piloted by Sgt Moon crashed in fog near Spilsby, Lincolnshire, the pilot and passengers (Sgt Hedley and AC Nunn) being killed.


AM Form 1180

AM Form 1180 states “Came down too low in bad visibility to xx xx and xx totally lost control and flew into the ground. Did not ascertain position by D/F or get report of weather on his D/F position as he should have done”